July 22, 2008

Another green skirt

skirt hanging
I bought this fun print from the Echino line by Etsuko Furuya from Superbuzzy last summer, intending to make a skirt. And then I choked. It was pretty expensive and the color and pattern were bold and quirky so I couldn't make just any old thing with it. I've pulled it out several times in the past year, trying to decide how to use it, but always set it aside in favor of something less dear. Finally, after seeing how well my first attempt at a Barcelona skirt turned out, I decided to make another and finally cut into my precious fabric.
skirt fringe
This is the layered version of the skirt. I love the softness of the fringe and how it breaks up the pattern so I don't feel like I'm wearing a tablecloth. I had a brief moment of panic when I pulled it out of the washer covered in a tangled mess of threads until I remembered that the reason for washing it was to fray the edges of the layers (slaps self on head).
skirt back
I made a wee error by attaching the layers for the back panels before sewing the center seam which would have been prevented had I been following the directions (cough, cough). Fortunately you can't tell unless you know how it was supposed to look (phew!) Because I was using a heavier weight cotton I didn't bother with the lining and managed to cut a half hour or so off the construction time. If you decide not to line it you do need to either add a half inch or so at the top or use bias tape to be able to finish the top edge without shortening it.

And by the way? Taking a a photo of something you are wearing that is both in focus and flattering is hard. Especially with all the slapping and waving of hands necessary when one's backyard has been turned into a mosquito breeding ground from all the wet weather.


Kloth & Bolt said...

oh lovely! -kb

Miss Lobelia said...

So happy I found you. I was looking true flickr this morning at the barcelona skirts because I have some black echino that I wanted to use and I was wondering if it would work well for this skirt. Just my luck that you have tried it! So how has it held up after a few months of wearing?