July 23, 2008

Gifts for Babies

It’s hard to resist requests for crafting special gifts, especially when babies are involved. A few posts back Elise shared the first crafting request and her handsome little bear that was the beginning of the gift. Seeing him I realized my contribution to the project had better be good.

Tote for Isaac

I decided to make a kid sized tote with initial applique where “I” is for Isaac. I chose denim for the exterior so that it would stand up on its own. The applique, lining, and handles are from Katie Jump Rope in colors of brown, blue, and green.

Bibs for Isaac

To round out the gift I whipped up two bibs from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing.

Total Package for Isaac

I have to say the resulting gift pack is awfully perfect. I hope the recipients agree.

The second request came from the dudely after seeing Isaac’s tote. His college friends just welcomed their first baby and he thought it would be a perfect gift. Obviously, I couldn’t agree more. So this little guy also gets his own applique tote in denim with a Katie Jump Rope plaid in blue and green. Here “n” is for Nathan. I filled this tote with bibs and a board book. I believe it’s never too early to start reading to kids.

Tote and Bibs for Nathan

I think initial applique totes will become my go-to baby gift. I’ll just vary what I fill them with. I especially like that the tote will grow with the baby. I have visions of them walking into pre-school with their little totes in hand. But let’s not rush that.

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Mandi said...

These are great! You're right, it's the perfect gift! And YAY for books - that's my favorite thing to give as baby/kid gifts :-)