July 31, 2008

Project Wednesday: pretty project bags

After my success last week cleaning up my mess of patterns I thought I could continue my organizing trend with some pretty fabric bags for my embroidery and knitting works-in-progress. I present Exhibit A, my previous Ziploc-based method of organizing my embroidery supplies. Utilitarian and affordable but not so pretty (although I still like to use the snack sized bags to store embroidery floss).

I pulled out some fabrics and my rotary cutter and a couple of hours later I had these:
project bags
A linen bag with a pocket just the right size to hold a Stitchette guide, another drawstring bag from one of the new Heather Ross prints and a third bag with a fabric and embroidery detail. The two larger bags are both 12 x 16 inches and the smaller bag is 9 x 9 inches.
FOE closure
I even gave fold-over elastic a try as a closure for the small bag. It was super easy to apply (thanks Amy/Angrychicken!) and I think it will be perfect for keeping yarn clean and untangled while knitting it.

I love these bags and am going to make more to have on hand. They would make great reusable gift bags, come to think of it.

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One Shabby Chick said...

These are so cute! I use ziplocs too and these are so much better!!