August 1, 2008

A Charming Pair

Charming Handbags

Not only are they charming, these handbags from Bend the Rules Sewing are easy to construct. For example the charmer on the left was constructed the morning we left for our annual Berkshires vacation last fall. As we began loading the car I decided I had to have a new handbag to show off at dinner that night. I promptly abandoned the dudely and within a short time I had cut out, constructed, and packed a fabulous handbag. I may not have gotten any compliments from the staff or my fellow diners that night but I knew I had the best bag town.

Charming Handbags - interior

Now back to the present day. Sometimes I am so pleased with a project’s result that I somehow mis-remember the amount of work that went into it. I was happy to discover this wasn’t the case when I sat down to make my second charming handbag last weekend. In the same amount of time I whipped up the charmer on the right.

Sadly this charming pair is being broken up. It is a happy split though. This new bag is on its way to my friend Kelly as a (very belated) birthday gift. I hope she finds it half as charming as I find her.


The List Writer said...

Oh, I have been wanting to make one of these bags for ages. I'm so pleased to find out they are quick and easy!

Great fabric choices too!

TerriW said...

These are both very cute and would be hard to part with! I haven't made one of these bags yet either, but will definitely do one after your recommendation.

julieua said...

Cute pair! I also made two of these, but sadly they were both gifts. Need to treat myself to one soon! You are right, they are easy to make, but the end result is impressive.

Andy said...

I love this pattern! I made one recently and got TONS of compliments. Such a great bag. Great choice of fabrics for these two... looks great!