August 24, 2008

Action heroine

As promised, a few shots of the birthday girl in her Oliver & S bubble dress. I was thrilled that the dress fit her perfectly and that she loved it. This little one is already all about the shoes and the clothes in addition to her dolls and beloved blankie. Behold, photographic evidence that she's more than ready to style her own outfits, several times a day if necessary:
Slipping into her brother's sandals for a trip to the sandbox.
Moving on to flip-flops momentarily abandoned by a party guest. Angel Bear wore them briefly, but they didn't really work for him.
And, of course, there's the classic white sandals and sunglasses look.

Holy, holy is it hard to keep up with a two year-old, especially when hampered by a camera. I salute all the child portrait photographers out there because it sure isn't easy.

1 comment:

Kay said...

Super cute! Love the dress and the fabric is perfect for that pattern.