August 23, 2008

A 5 Minute Play

Iced Coffee

A cute blonde girl with even cuter red shoes walks into her recently renovated local Starbucks. Let's call her Tory.

Tory to cashier: I'd like a grande iced coffee with sugar-free mocha syrup, please.

12 year old cashier: Ah, oh , we don't have sugar-free mocha syrup anymore. We just discontinued it.

Tory sounding incredulous: But how can you make your light mocha frappucino then?

12 year old cashier: Umm, we just use the regular syrup.

Tory accusingly: Cheaters! Do you still have the other sugar-free syrups?

12 year old cashier: Yep.

Tory sounding resigned: I guess I'll have sugar-free caramel then.

Tory turning to address the audience: Beware! Starbucks is secretly trying to add to our bottom lines. But it does provide the power needed to bind a quilt.

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