August 2, 2008

Mini Me: the dress

Elise with pigeons
Me at age 2 1/2 chasing pigeons on a trip to visit family in Norway. I've always loved this sweet red print but sadly the dress is long gone, my mother doesn't even remember who she gave it to. So, when I saw this fabric I decided I had to try to recreate the look for my niece who is turning two next month. According to my mother, although my original dress looked like a blouse and a jumper it was a one piece garment. Constructing something like that without a pattern or the actual child around to measure is definitely beyond my skill level, so I opted to go with a two piece interpretation of the original. I happened to have a not quite vintage jumper pattern on hand that was perfect.
red dress back
It was unbelievable fast and easy to put together. Cutting included I think it took less than three hours from start to finish. In fact, I was zooming along, not looking at the directions (sound familiar?) and forgot to attach the straps to the back yoke before finishing it. Rather than take it all apart and start over, I just opened the seams near the side and stuck the straps in, sewed over them and hoped for the best. Fortunately I got lucky and you can't tell that the straps were an afterthought.
red dress
I looked high and low for an easy child's blouse pattern, then a plain white blouse and finally settled on this top from Target. I'm thrilled how it came together in the end. Hopefully I'll get some action shots of the birthday girl wearing it (and also this dress) when we visit them next week.

Next up, trying to find a simple, pretty pattern for a blouse with a collar for a toddler. If anyone knows of one I'd be grateful if you'd share it with me.


Michele A. said...

Look at you!!! The dress looks so sweet! You did a lovely job with it. Can't wait to see pics of your niece in it.

jennifer j. s. said...

I just purchased Burda 9744 blouse to go under Burda 9772 view C (size 3). I plan to make the blouse in size 3. I think that's the smallest size in the blouse pattern. The jumper pattern goes from 6M - 3 yrs. My 1st time sewing from Burda pattern....interesting to say least...very diff from Simp. or McC patterns.
jennifer j. s.

BTW I absolutely LOVE the jumper you made! Great job!

Karen said...

I love coming here to see what you have made. You have the best fabric choices. This dress is too cute. I am waiting for another granddaughter to come along so I can make the cute stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love it. I looked at the pattern, and probably would never have noticed it again, if it was not for your story. I like the fabric you found. Beautiful little girl dress.

LittleReece said...

I am so in love with this dress! My sister is having a baby girl in a few weeks and I have been soooo wanting to make something cute for her and didn't know what to make. I am so inspired by what you make!