September 29, 2008

The Bakery

Hello, readers! Did you miss me? I hadn't intended a nearly three week blog break right after I came back from my vacation but that's what happened. It turns out it was much needed though because I was sewing exhausted! I have a habit of turning my sewing "want to dos" into "have to dos". In the process I forget this is supposed to be my way of relaxing. And thus enters crafter's fatigue. But I'm back and feeling refreshed and inspired to create.

My first creations all come from my bakery.

Trio of Baked Goods

First up, a trio of savory baked goods. Topping the cooling rack is oatmeal molasses bread. This bread is fabulous because it requires very little kneading and no raising but is packed full of flavor. Below the bread you'll find two kinds of scones: chipotle-cheddar scones and cornmeal, jalapeno, and fresh corn scones. I love savory scones as an addition to light luches or dinners so these were popped in the freezer for whenever they're needed.


I couldn't leave out the most important meal of the day so granola had to be made. Breakfast now involves the great dilemma of either power granola (the fuzzy picture on the left) or my own creation of almond, coconut & ginger granola (the fuzzy picture on the right). Of course, this is the only kind of dilemma I could possibly handle at 6am so I had to make sure it was a win/win. And win I did!

Oh, it's good to be back!

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Caitlin said...

Those scones look delish! Feel free to ship a few over to Iowa. Maybe we should refrain from calling yummy food fuzzy though...doesn't sound quite as good.