October 1, 2008


Finding a good selection of quilting weight solids is hard. It's about to get more difficult as my local source, Fabric Place, prepares to close its doors after more than 60 years in business. (This is particularly sad for Funky & Delightful since it was here that we got our first stash of fabric three years ago.)

Kona Swatches

Because the local Joann store is less than reliable when it comes to selection I knew I had to find another source for Kona cotton solids. A Google search revealed lots of on-line retailers who sell Kona solids but as I looked from site to site the same color looked vastly different. Hmm, no good when you're looking to make a match to, say, one of the dozens of prints already in your stash.

I started Googling Kona swatches and came up empty; this is one of the rare times Google let me down. I shot off an email to Fabric Shack, one of the on-line retailers with the greatest selection, describing the paint chip like swatch card I was looking for. Amanda responded quickly knowing exactly what I meant.

For only $5 + $1 shipping one was on its way to me. And its even better than a paint chip. Each little swatch is an actual piece of fabric. I think it's safe now to place an order; I'd better get shopping.


S. Anderson said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I totally am going to get one of these.

Alissa said...

Oh this is great to know! I can't tell you the hours I've spent driving around to different fabric stores looking for the right orange... WARM not neon... dark not yellow-y... it goes on and on... this will be so so helpful.

Spacemom said...

Thanks! That is great to know! I am so bummed that Fabric Place is so empty!