October 12, 2008

Kindred spirits

A Little Room apron
When I was at Squam I had the pleasure of meeting Liz Lamoreux of A Little Room at the vendor fair on Saturday evening. The first thing I saw when I arrived in the morning was someone wearing one of her Natasha aprons and knew I Had To Have One. I spent the entire day trying to spot more of these funky and delightful creations without knowing who had made them. There were aprons, awesome sling bags (I don't see them in her Etsy shop at the moment) and patchwork scarves which sealed the deal, because you know how I love a patchwork scarf. By the time I finally met Liz at her vendor table I felt like I knew her.
Apron chic
My feelings were confirmed when she noticed my bag and commented on the Heather Bailey fabric I had used. To meet someone out of the blue who shares my taste in fabrics and color thrilled me to no end (one can feel so alone in this world of calico and printed fleece). So when she looked me up and down and said "I know what to make for you" I pulled out my checkbook and gave her a deposit for a custom apron using fabrics of her choice. And last week, this arrived in the mail and I am sooo in love with it I can't even tell you. Thank you Liz, for bringing such joy and beauty to your work and for really seeing me that Saturday evening in New Hampshire.


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

I love that apron almost as much as I love this phrase: "one can feel so alone in this world of calico and printed fleece". :)

imallagog said...

thas one cute apron!