January 6, 2009

Age is just a number, really

My husband's grandmother made us this table cloth for our wedding last year, isn't it amazing? She's always working on something, using a crochet hook and cotton so fine that I would have to squint to work with them. She adores my crafts and sees right through the mess in my sewing room to the organized chaos that is several works-in-progress. I think we might actually be related, Baka and I; not only do we share a love of the handmade, we are both early risers, tea drinkers, delight in shopping and apparently share the same fashion sense, which might worry some,considering she is more than twice my age at 81 years young. I prefer to think of us both as timelessly fashionable.

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copperseal said...

what a gorgeous table cloth! its so nice to hear you connected so well with your husband's family - thats how you know it lasts ;)

happy blogging and happy living!