January 8, 2009


My sister’s family welcomed an addition just before Christmas. Their family has now expanded to include Baby B, a 6 pound 11 ounce girl with a head full of hair and the tiniest little feet with the longest little toes. In a word she is breathtaking.

So it was because of the impending arrival that I seemingly vanished in November and December. I was not, however, sitting about twiddling my thumbs. In whatever time I had free I was cutting, ironing, sewing, stitching, and shopping to help decorate a nursery from over 800 miles away. (Oh, and there was the Christmas sewing but that is another post all together.)

Nursey mosaic

Click here for more photos and details.

My sister’s only request for the nursery was that it be pink, brown, and non-flowery with a big dresser for storage. With the help of a thrift shop, etsy, Joann Fabric, and Lowe’s, Nana and I did just that. Little Miss Lou, the big sister, declared it beauuutiful. With the addition of one beautiful baby we couldn’t agree more.

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