January 5, 2009

Recipe of the Week

Recipe: Lemon-Scented Olive Oil Muffins
Source: Cooking Light

Lemon-Scented Olive Oil Muffins mosaic

Ingredients: *****
You have to love a recipe where you read down the list of ingredients and everything is in your cupboard or refrigerator, especially post-holiday when my cupboards rival those of Old Mother Hubbard.

Preparation: *****
Preparation was a breeze. A bowl of dry ingredients and a bowl of wet ingredients meet to become muffin batter. Bonus: My new lemon squeezer is fantastic. It turned that lemon half inside-out in mere seconds.

Lemon-Scented Olive Oil Muffins

Taste: ***
I thought the lemon flavor was great. I got a little carried away with the squeezing, though, greatly overshooting the 2 teaspoons needed. The lemon-iness may have been exaggerated. However, the muffin’s weird spongy texture is no exaggeration. Unless I crave a spongy, lemony muffin these aren’t likely to show up in my house again. Instead, I’ll stick with Lemon-Blueberry muffins. You should, too.

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