January 12, 2009

Recipe of the Week

Recipe: Mean Green Tortilla Soup
Source: Rachael Ray Show

mean green tortilla soup

Ingredients: *****
There is cumin and cilantro. Need I say more?

Preparation: *** (*****)
If you were to follow the recipe’s instructions word for word you’d end up dirtying more dishes than a pot of soup should ever dirty. Because of the recipe’s fussiness I could only give it 3 stars. With my tweaking, however, I believe it’s worth 5 stars.

First off, use thawed frozen corn and skip the whole nonsense of heating up your water, broth, and corncobs. I just can’t believe that with the other ingredients going on you’re missing out on that much flavor. Second, don’t bother browning your chicken and then finishing it in the oven while starting to sauté your veggies in yet another pot. Instead dice up the chicken and brown it in the soup pan, remove the chicken, and then sauté the veggies. In case you’re counting you’ve already saved yourself from washing TWO pans! And grating your garlic? No thanks. You’ve already dirtied a knife and cutting board so go with mincing by hand. Finally, use a blender to puree the tomatillos. There are way fewer parts to wash and with a job this small assembling the food processor just isn’t worth it.

mean green tortilla soup

Taste: *****
YUM-O. (I know, I know. I just couldn’t resist.) IF I were the type to throw a Super Bowl party this would be the unexpected centerpiece at the food table. But I'm not that kind of girl. However, this will definitely be making a re-appearance in our casa as we continue to trudge through winter sans football.

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