February 19, 2009

etsy Shopping Spree

I had a little etsy shopping spree two weeks ago. My focus was accessories with a thought towards spring. I’ve been eyeing these sellers for a while and finally splurged on their beautiful wares.

brass & turquoise bracelet

From monicajtwo I got this great copper and turquoise bracelet. I almost missed out on this. I had browsed rather frequently at this piece and when, at last, I made up my mind it was gone! Thank God for etsy conversations. I crossed my fingers as I typed a message asking if she’d consider making another like it. The reply back was perfect! She’d love to make one for me and she would make it that very day. That is some amazing service to go along with an amazing bracelet.

MDsparks earrings

Not to leave my ears out I picked up two pairs of earrings from MDsparks. The prices on her pieces are absolutely unbelievable. I’m not sure how she does it. What I do know is she does it simply, beautifully, and very well.

vintage rhinestone pin

This year I am bound and determined to find a new spring coat. On that coat’s lapel I’ve imagined a fantastic vintage pin. I had been thinking a bright enamel pin but then I saw this funky rhinestone pin at VermontJewelry and knew it would be perfect for whatever coat I end up with.

Yep, a little retail therapy goes a long way to improving winter moods.

(photos by shop owners)

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