February 4, 2009

Recipe of the Week

Recipe: Avocado-Tomatillo Dip with Cumin Pita Chips
Source: Cooking Light

avocado-tomatillo dip with cumin pita chips

Ingredients: ****
Having been Super Bowl weekend avocados were abundant and cheap at my local supermarket so I had to find an excuse to use them. (Not that I really needed an excuse.) And you already know how I love cilantro and cumin. This recipe does call for cumin in the seed form. However, I opted to use ground cumin because I always, always have ground cumin. I think it worked just fine.

Preparation: ****
All you need to do is boil the tomatillos, chuck everything into a blender, and ta da you’ve got dip. Making the pita chips was a bit trickier. The recipe suggests 15 minutes in the oven to achieve golden brown. I slid mine in for 10 minutes and had passed golden and was well on my way to dark brown. I’m sure this varies by oven so just keep an eye on it.

avocado-tomatillo dip with cumin pita chips

Taste: *****
Oh, my, oh, my. It was crunchy goodness topped with rich creaminess. Since eating the dip I haven’t been able to get the vision of a big pile of crisp romaine topped with salty, seasoned beef, cheese, tomatoes, and crushed tortilla chips out of my mind. At the top of the mound a generous serving of this dip sits alongside some salsa. You know a recipe is good when you envision other ways to ingest it. Make some. You won’t be sorry.

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