March 11, 2009

A Cautionary Tale (with pictures)

Our desktop computer is starting to show signs of age. It makes horrific noises upon start up. It also will randomly shut itself off, typically in the middle of an e-mail the dudely has spent all morning trying to compose. It had me worried and I started thinking about moving all my pictures to my laptop. Then it died and I panicked, convinced I’d lost everything I’d been too lazy to back-up. Miraculously it came back to life three days later. That’s when I got to work moving files and taking a walk down memory lane.

That’s my rather lengthy way of saying, “Hey, take a look at these really cool pictures I found from my trip to Geneva in 2005.”

Now might I suggest you take my story to heart and back-up your really cool pictures? They’re too good to lose.


Mortimer's Mom said...

that is a very prudent thing to do. but if it's making noise and it's old, it very well could be full of dust. I had a dead desk-top, opened it up to take out a hard drive only to discover it was filthy. vaccummed it and it came back to life and works better than ever. yes, it was THAT filthy.

Bobbi Jo said...

Good thing they're safe! I had a similar panic yesterday when I learned that my neighbor's house was broken into and their computer and camera were stolen. Creepy. I'm off to back up everything on my hard drive.