March 11, 2009

Spring flowers

fabric flower pins
We received a couple of inquiries regarding the fabric flowers in our current blog header so I thought I'd post some more information about them. I made them using this tutorial that Blair posted on her blog Wise Craft a couple of years ago. They are super easy and fun to make and her directions are very clear. I cut out the pieces to make a half dozen in an hour or so and then took another couple of hours to put them together and hand-stitch the backings on. I did find fabric glue to be very helpful; both to attach the felt pin backing and also to provide some rigidity, as well as to shape the petals. Once I had the pins put together as per the directions, I "fluffed" the petals to make them fluttery and soft looking and then squeezed a fairly generous dollop of glue near the base of each petal pocket and let them dry. Buttons were either from my stash of vintage finds or fabric-covered. They are a fun little splash of color that will hopefully keep me going until Spring arrives (soon, please?). Thank you, Blair, for generously sharing your creations with those of us less talented (she has other tutorials posted, you should take a look).

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