March 10, 2009

Planning for warmth

Spring is a cruel temptress. The weekend was beautifully sunny with temperatures in the 60’s. The windows were thrown open, I treated myself to a post-winter pedicure, and I broke out my favorite summer cocktail.

first of the season


Monday, however, reminded me that winter is still in charge in the Northeast. In less than 12 hours we had plummeted 30 degrees. The skies were no longer bright but were filled with rain, sleet, and snow. The only way to pull myself out of the doldrums was to dream of summer sewing.

back to snow

And dream and scheme I did with Heather Ross’ new book Weekend Sewing in my lap. There are so many great patterns in this book for adult sized clothing; it’s what made this book a must buy. Topping my summer sewing list is the summer blouse and the trapeze sundress. The blouse will come in handy as spring continues to flirt and play with my emotions. The trapeze sundress I foresee becoming my summer weekend uniform. It looks so easy to wear.

spring wardrobe plans

summer wardrobe plans

Of course, this sewing will require a fabric purchase. Nothing in my fabric stash is over a yard long and that isn’t going to cover it. (Well, very little of it anyway!) So it seems that this is the perfect excuse to get some of the Good Folks fabric I’ve been eyeing but couldn’t bring myself to purchase without a plan. Isn’t it great how it all comes together?

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