March 3, 2009

Recipe of the Week

Recipe: Maple-Almond Granola
Source: Cooking Light

maple-almond granola

Ingredients: ***
I'm being overly harsh on the ingredient rating this week. It's all because of one little ingredient that began life as a grape. In my opinion if a grape is to be reincarnated as another food stuff the only thing it should become is juice, be it the non-alcoholic or alcoholic variety. However, this whole raisin fiasco is easily remedied by substituting dried cranberries.

Preparation: *****
If you haven't made granola before I highly recommend it. It's so easy to spend just a few minutes assembling good ingredients into many mornings of breakfast.

maple-almond granola

Taste: ****
The granola is good but it seems to be missing something. I think it's the lack of maple flavor despite maple having a prominent place in the recipe's name. I also prefer nuttier granolas rather than fruity ones and this one is heavy on the dried fruit. If you're looking to try a granola this recipe is fine but I'd highly recommend this one instead.

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