May 4, 2009

Recipe of the Week

Recipe: Gin, Tea, and Lemon Fizz
Source: Bon Appetit

gin, tea, & lemon fizz

Ingredients: *****
In our house all the ingredients are easy to come by. There is always a rather large selection of loose leaf black teas to choose from. I chose to use Golden Monkey, my favorite black tea from Tealuxe. And gin? Well, we are gin martini people so there is rarely a time when there isn’t gin in the cupboard. Lemonade concentrate? Always a can in the freezer once it’s obvious warm weather is here to stay. Sparkling water? It’s a necessary pantry item in my opinion.

Preparation: *****
If you can repeatedly measure 1 teaspoon or 1 cup, you can make this recipe.

gin, tea, & lemon fizz

Taste: *****
Oh, my! This drink is deliciously dangerous. Because I have yet to develop a fondness for bourbon it was the perfect cocktail to sip while watching the Kentucky Derby. We know absolutely nothing about horse racing but each year we’re sitting in front of the TV watching this race. I’m a sucker for the stories behind the stories and always pick the sentimental favorite. (This year it was General Quarters.) I’m never right but who cares. It’s an afternoon spent relaxing with good snacks and great cocktails. Isn’t that what the weekend is all about?

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