June 15, 2009

Recipe of the (Last) Week

Recipe: Spicy Chicken Peperonata with Lime and Mint Dressing
Source: Bon Appetit

spicy chicken peperonata with lime and mint dressing

Ingredients: ****
Very basic ingredients but ingredients I love and sometimes those make the best dishes. I did leave out the mint. I may have spoken of my weird feelings about mint in the past.

Preparation: *****
There was really very little work involved in making this dish. All that had to be done was sauteing the chicken, sauteing the veggies, and mixing together the dressing. It all took less than thirty minutes, start to finish. That time even included making the polenta I served it over. (Leave it creamy, rather than allowing it to set-up.)

spicy chicken peperonata with lime and mint dressing

Taste: ***
Spicy? I don't think so. Maybe it was my poblano, but this dish completely lacked heat. What could have been a delish dish ending up tasting like fajitas served over polenta. Not exactly what I'd hoped for. My go-to polenta recipe came through though. In the end, the polenta was the only thing I had a second helping of. Doesn't that just sum it up?

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