September 16, 2009

Have Dinner at No. 9 Park

One day last month the dudely picked me up from work for a date night. Our destination? No. 9 Park! No. 9 Park has been on my must dine list since I moved to the Boston area nine years ago. This was the year I was determined to make that a reality and with the help of Restaurant Week’s great 3 course dinner bargains we did just that.

for cocktails

With time to spare before our 7:30 reservation we found ourselves at the much recommended Silvertone Bar + Grill for a cocktail….or two. My friend Val promised they made the best classic cocktails and she was right. Our dirty gin martinis were cold and crisp with giant olives floating around. It was the perfect way to start our night on the town. Truth be told, they were followed by equally good gin & tonics.

for dinner

From there it was a short stroll on a gorgeous summer night to No. 9 Park. We were seated promptly and it was then I realized how small the place really is. We were so lucky to have been able to secure Restaurant Week reservations. I just finished expressing that when over popped the bubbliest waiter I’ve ever encountered in Boston. But enough about that; let’s get to the food.

For the first course the dudely and I both chose the smoked bluefish pate with potato salad and pickled wax beans. AMAZING. If it hadn’t been such a swanky place I may have swiped my fingers repeatedly across the plate to get every last bit. But it was kind of swanky so I got myself firmly under control and behaved like I belonged. (That also explains the lack of pictures of the food. Nobody else was whipping out their digital camera so I wasn’t either.)

For the main course I chose the roasted striped bass with mussels and saffron while the dudely went with the glazed pork belly with corn pudding and tomato jam. They were both done to perfection and I really loved my fish. But, when I tasted the dudely’s pork belly I was instantly filled with jealousy. That pork was like butter. I’ve never tasted pork that was so tender, so rich, so delicious. I’m still salivating.

For dessert we again went our own ways with the dudely choosing the yogurt panna cotta with berries and me choosing the coffee caramel parfait. They were very good but a little underwhelming. That review only comes after how fantastic the first and second courses were. Don’t get me wrong. I still recommend ordering dessert just don’t expect more fireworks.

Definitely make this a stop if you’re in Boston. If you happen to be here during the next Restaurant Week then that is even better. You’ll save half-off the regular menu prices but get all that fantastic food at full flavor. That makes it possible to enjoy all those cocktails before hand. Ahem.

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