October 19, 2009

Let There Be Ruffles

Being a bit of a planner and organizer I like to get my Christmas shopping and making done early. However, my colleague put me to shame in this regard when, in May, she requested that I make some aprons for her to give as Christmas gifts. That’s right…more than seven months in advance.

ruffle apron

A week later I showed her piles of beautiful fabrics. She chose some of my favorites from Heather Bailey and Amy Butler, prints she thought would perfectly suit her mom and sisters. The style she requested was a half apron with a ruffley hem, cute pocket, and ties long enough to come around to the front. No problem!

ruffle apron

I suffered with a mental sewing block before finally getting around to putting these together though. I think I feared the ruffley hem. But then I found my sewing mojo and the gathering foot I bought more than a year ago. Yep, I’d completely forgotten about it. I wish I hadn’t.

ruffle apron

What you can do with that foot is amazing. You start with two perfectly flat, boring fabrics and in a minute or two you are left with one gathered piece of fabric attached to a flat piece of fabric. From now on everything shall be ruffled!


erica said...

Great aprons! I bought a gathering foot a couple of years ago and stull haven't taught myself how to use it! On another note, I wish that I could start my Christmas presents months in advance...

Gumbo Lily said...

These aprons are adorable and chic. I really like the ruffles.


Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

Hello! I came across your group on flickr and I thought I'd stop by your blog, it's so very lovely. I'd like to follow you guys on here but I don't know what to click. Anyhow, peace to you and your blog! Cheers