October 5, 2009

Recipe of the Week

Recipe: Pork Chops with Bacon and Cabbage
Source: Everyday Food

pork chops with bacon and cabbage

Ingredients: *****
Just seven simple ingredients make up this one pot dish. Importantly one of those ingredients is pork chops, something I've been accused of not serving enough of around here.

Preparation: ****
The reason I love one pot dishes is the little bit of hands-on time early in the recipe followed by the walking away time as the dish finishes up. This isn't that kind of one pot dish. Basically you're doing something every few minutes over an hour which means you can't wander far...or get anything else done.

pork chops with bacon and cabbage

Taste: ****
The dudely is arguing that I should be giving this recipe 5 stars but I just don't buy it. It certainly tasted good but I'm not imagining the next time I can make it, the sure sign of a 5 star recipe. That didn't stop him from shoveling down two big platefuls with hardly a peep. Perhaps I need a his and her ratings scale.

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