October 7, 2009

Shop SoWa & Brunch at Gaslight

Many, many Sundays ago I found myself as a lonely only. The dudely was away and friends were vacationing or otherwise engaged. I was bored and in need of some entertainment.

SoWa Handmade Market Place

I found lots to entertain me at SoWa, Boston’s handmade, antique, and farmer’s markets held outdoors every Sunday spring through fall. The handmade market was fun, especially in the creative way all those talented folks displayed their goodies.

SoWa vintage jewlery

The antiques market was a really nice surprise. Whenever I see the word antiques I start thinking pricey collectibles. What I found, though, was more like a great flea market. My favorite was the tables of vintage jewelry to sort through. I ended up bringing home a fantastic red bead necklace. The woman even gave me an unsolicited $1 off the marked price. Nice, huh?


And isn’t it convenient that just next door is Gaslight? Well, I had to have brunch. I ordered what has become my go-to dish, moules frites. I cannot get enough of this dish. I did shake it up a little though and ordered myself a cocktail to accompany it, the matin martini. It was a delicious end to a morning of shopping.

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