February 28, 2011

Olivia + Arthur

Let me introduce you to Olivia and Arthur, better known as Olive and Archie. They’ve undergone a name change as a way to distinguish big sister’s dolls from little sister’s dolls.

olivia + arthur

Olivia and Arthur were part of Little Miss Bee’s Christmas present. I couldn’t just stop at a set of dolls though. You see, I love gifts that are part of a larger theme. So along with Olivia and Arthur came a doll bed, mattress, pillow, and quilt.

doll quilt

The whole gift was a fabulous success. And how do I know, you ask? Upon opening it the little miss grabbed the neck of one doll, picked up the quilt, and desperately tried to fit herself into the bed. It was a sight that had us laughing all Christmas morning.

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