February 21, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

First Little Miss Lou had the audacity to turn five. Then she insisted on starting kindergarten. As if that wasn’t enough growing up, she’s started losing her teeth!

tooth fairy pillow

The idea of loose teeth completely freaks me out so I had to focus my energy on something more worthwhile, a tooth fairy pillow. After a bit of trolling around the web I came across a cute little tooth cutout from Martha. Thank goodness for free templates! The rest of the pillow was a cinch because, of course, it had to feature her favorite color, orange. I just happened to have the perfect orange and white polka dot in my stash. Then to take to it the next level, I added some classic white piping.

Into the Valentine’s Day package went this little extra treat for Miss Lou. It just missed the loss of her first tooth but was at the ready for the loss of her second. The generosity of the tooth fairy, or perhaps the value of teeth, has greatly increased since the days of my baby teeth. The lucky Little Miss has scored $2 each! She offered this simple explanation as to why mine were worth so little when I was a kid:

“Well, Auntie, you only get $2 if you pull them out yourself. If your Mommy does it for you you’ll only get a quarter.”

Well, indeed.

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