March 10, 2011

Birthday Suits

brown paper package

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since the Bean, the Bear, and the Bandit were welcomed into this world. Wow! One minute those teeny, tiny babies are being wrapped like burritos and in the next minute they are standing all by themselves. Again, wow!


I tossed a few different ideas around in my head as to what I should make to mark such a significant milestone. The only idea that kept coming back over and over again were the Oliver + S playsuits. I kept picturing three little girls toddling around the backyard this summer sporting coordinating playsuits. And that mind’s eye picture was all I needed to convince myself that not only was it the right present, it was the perfect present.


The girls may have been more interested in the ric rac and fluttery pennant I made for the front of the gift than they were in the playsuits inside. I think it is safe to say, though, that their mommy and daddy were more than a little smitten.


Happy Birthday, sweet girls. I wish you hours of blissful play.


madebymum said...

What a gorgeous present. Enjoy the special day.

motherof5 said...

Congratulations you clever girl! How lovely three special girls and six lovely outfits!

Susan said...

so cute! I love the playsuits - great fabric choices!

justmejay said...

Oh, so so apecial - the girls and the present! Happy birthday :)