April 29, 2011

Go, Granny, Go

granny centers

Remember waaaay back when I fell in love with a granny square afghan? I attempted to find some decent, I mean dead simple, instructions on the internet. And they had to be dead simple since I was, and still am, a complete crochet novice. Luckily, Posie came to my rescue and wrote a simple pattern for me. Except it wasn’t quite easy enough for someone who had never read a crochet pattern before. I’d only made it up as I went along before.

with gray borders

That’s what yarn shops are for though. They happily take a rather small bit of money and help you through your pattern reading troubles. After my first “class” with a group of terribly fun, and funny, ladies I was well on my way to creating my very own granny square afghan. (It also greatly helped when the instructor pointed out my crochet hook was crap and with the simple spending of $4 I was crocheting like I knew what I was doing.)

96 and counting

Posie’s pattern is baby sized so I’m upsizing it for an adult, something I can hide underneath while sprawled out on the couch for some movie watching. When I did some math to figure out how many squares that would be I started hyperventilating. It’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 – 200 squares. With one here and one there though I already find myself with 96 centers done. I’m saving up all the gray borders for when I need a project while travelling. Taking one ball of yarn is so much easier than 9 balls!

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