April 27, 2011

Best of Charleston

My mom and I met up for a girls’ weekend in Charleston recently. I highly recommend you plan a trip to Charleston as well. The city, which is surrounded by water, is pedestrian friendly and very European in feeling. The spring weather is phenomenal, the locals friendly, and the food amazing. As to what to do, Charleston is filled with historical sites, old plantations and homes, and tours galore. We spent five days but could have easily spent five weeks.

As we sat at the airport waiting for our respective flights home we played a little game of “Name Your Favorite”. But we quickly had to sub-categorize and re-categorize in order to give due recognition to all the things we loved in Charleston. Without further ado, our best of Charleston list.

Best Hotel: Fulton Lane Inn
True, we only stayed at one inn during our stay, but this was top notch without costing top dollar. Continental breakfast is delivered to your door, the rooms are clean, and staff is wonderful.

charleston food

Best Breakfast: Toast! Of Charleston
Go for the Eggs Meeting Street which is a fried green tomato topped with a crab cake topped with a poached egg. Served on the side were the obligatory grits and biscuit.

Best Lunch: Hominy Grill
A very popular restaurant but turnover is quick and service is great. Be sure to check the specials board which is where we found our soft shell crab po’boys. You must save room for the coconut cake.

Best Dinner Overall: Cru Cafe
Don’t judge the exterior of this restaurant or you will miss a real gem. Each and every course was spot on.

Best Standout Main Course: 39 rue de Jean’s lamb shank
This is course that my mom dreams of and will be talking about for years to come.

Best Restaurant Vibe: Husk
Each and every ingredient right down to the salt and olive oil is sourced in the south. The menu varies each day depending on what is available. They have also turned the old kitchen building into a fantastic bar. We suggest you start your evening there.

charleston's best

Best Historic House: The Nathaniel Russell House
You will not believe the amount of detail put into this house when it was built. The whole house is wonderful but the staircase and music room are amazing. The story of the man who built this house is also pretty great too and is fantastically told by the knowledgeable tour guides.

Best Tour: Ghosts and Graveyards
A rich and colorful storyteller guides you through graveyards at night. It will send shivers up and down your spine. By the end of the night you will believe in ghosts.

Best “Get your Bearings” Tour: Charleston Strolls
Start your trip with this tour. It is the perfect way to see the city on foot and figure out where everything is.

Best Gardens: Magnolia Plantation
Located 10 miles outside of Charleston this former rice plantation is rightly known for their gardens. Azaleas were plentiful and in full bloom. Also plentiful was wildlife including alligators, snakes and birds.

Best Way to See the Water: Sailing on Schooner Pride
If forced to pick only one highlight from Charleston it would be our 2 hour sail. Beginning on the Cooper River you head to wherever the winds take you. We ended up on the Atlantic before returning to dock. Sun, wind, and water, it was a perfect combination.

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