July 15, 2011

Frequenting the farmers' market

week 1 haul

week 2 haul

My trips so far to the farmers’ market this year have been highly successful. I’ve left with farm fresh eggs, kale, sugar snap peas, cabbage, cherries, beets, and summer squash. But, there is one product I am obsessed with: arugula. This is without a doubt the best arugula I’ve ever had. The peppery bite is fantastic and the taste is so very fresh. The most I’ve done to it is squeeze a bit of lemon juice and a drip or two of olive oil over it and that’s when I’m not stuffing whole leaves into my mouth as I prepare the rest of the meal. I’ve worked to ration it out so that I can have at a tiny pile each day before my next trip. It doesn’t work. Within a day or two it is gone and I’m hoping Wednesday arrives quickly so I can get my next fix.

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