July 18, 2011

Meet Sophia

Sophia has been a long time coming. If memory serves me correctly she was first cut out at the same time as the weekender bag. That must be at least three years ago now, but it could be more. Sophia was my filler project. It was what I worked on when I couldn’t figure out what I really wanted my next project to be. I would iron on interfacing or sew a seam or two and then move on to my next big project.


I finally ran out of seams to sew and my filler project is now complete. Meet Sophia. She will be a great companion to my weekender bag.

1 comment:

Rachel Esther said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that your Sophia bag looks great! I have wanted to make the weekender bag for the longest time but am just not patient enough. Maybe I'm a little more inspired now that I've seen someone else tackle these projects.
Well done!