December 19, 2007

I see the light!


I wrote my last final exam last night. I am now officially more than 2/3 of the way through my MPH program. Thank goodness, because this full time job + part time graduate student gig is seriously cutting into my crafting time. And there is so much to do, especially with my reckless decision to jump on the handmade holidays bandwagon. What was I thinking? I am scaling down my original plans, plus I found some great gifts at SOWA and Craftland, but my to-do list remains long. A lap quilt for my mom to match the pillows and coffee table runner that she commissioned me to make, some lounge pants, a couple of tote bags, a sweater to finish, you get the picture. I hereby resolve that I will post one finished project a day until I get on the plane on Boxing Day. Hold me to it, internet!

*Photo is of a neighbour's front yard decorations the first of last week's two snowstorms. I typically hate these wire/light sculptures but this one charmed his way onto my Flickr page.

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