February 18, 2008

Done like dinner

It feels like we have been working on the kitchen forever. In reality, it's only been five weekends and none of them started before noon on Saturday. But it feels like forever and a day. Especially yesterday when we reinstalled the freshly painted cabinet doors. There was some swearing, mostly at doors which no longer seemed to fit properly and lost screws. One or two unkind remarks of a more personal nature were made, but the doors are on.

We spent a large part of the time literally watching paint dry. Lots and lots of paint. An entire gallon of Kilz primer (two coats on the cabinets, doors and the brick). Half a gallon of semi-gloss for the cabinets and brick (two coats on every visible surface). A quart of turquoise satin for the feature wall in the kitchen. We were fueled by numerous trips for Chai lattes (me) and mochas (him) plus several dinners at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

And finally, it is done:
Kitchen after
Remember how it used to look with the red brick and brown wood? It turned out exactly how I imagined it would and I absolutely love it. It was so dark before and now it practically radiates light. Hopefully there is a prospective buyer out there who feels the same.
kitchen nook

The poster was a birthday gift from Tory and belongs in my craft room but it's doing double duty while we show the condo. There are a couple of minor finishing touches remaining: replacing the 1970s chandelier with a modern pendant light and swapping out the outlet covers with larger ones, but the bulk of it is complete. And that is a very good thing.

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Mortimer's Mom said...

yowser! That is a make over! Love the accent wall. I knew you had it in you!!!