March 11, 2008

WHO bread, nearly

One of our very favorite bloggers, SouleMama, recently posted a recipe for Wheat Honey Oat bread. Or, as it is known in her house WHO bread. Last weekend in my Sunday morning puttering session I decided to try it.

There was one problem; not a drop of honey to be found anywhere in the cupboards. OK, time to improvise. I increased the brown sugar to 2 tablespoons, decreased the cinnamon slightly, and threw in a tablespoon of ground flaxseed. (I know what you're thinking...she has ground flaxseed lying around but no honey? Umm, yes.)

Bread and fruit

It was delicious...I think. Out of one 1.5 pound loaf I managed to have a slice. The rest of it? It was entirely consumed in less than 24 hours by the dudely. I'd say that is a ringing endorsement.

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