August 20, 2008

Totes for tots & custom sewing

elephant tote inside
A few weeks ago I made a new batch of embellished onsies to have on hand. They are my go-to baby gift and also happen to be the most requested item from the Funky & Delightful custom sewing department*. Our friend Kelly picked out a few for her sister who is having her third boy (!!!) this fall and I wanted to send them to their new family in a cute bag (because it's all about the packaging for me).
elephant tote
I had some utility canvas left from the beach blanket I made earlier this summer and finally worked up the nerve to cut into the precious half yard of this elephant print that I've been hording forever. I cut two nine inch squares of the canvas, added a strip of elephants, serged all four edges and sewed them together. To get a flat bottom I stitched across the bottom corners about an inch in from the point. Two handles, one hem and a covered button later and I was done. I hope she likes it (because baby gifts are really all about the parents).

*If there is something we've made in the past that you'd like to have for yourself or buy as a gift for someone else, feel free to email us at funkyanddelightful @ comcast dot net to inquire about a custom order. Or, if you know us in real life, just ask. If we're too busy, we'll tell you :)

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