August 19, 2008

Baby, light my fire

Phase one of my basement makeover project is underway. I checked in at lunch to see how Dave the friendly electrician was doing installing the recessed lighting and was simultaneously amazed and horrified. Amazed at the amount of illumination provided by seven lights (I'm thinking we only needed five) and horrified at the pile of mouse droppings that fell from above when he removed the ceiling panels. Believe me, if there was an actual mouse on the premises the cats would have cornered, tortured and then presented it to us for approval long ago. We've been blissfully carcass-free since we moved in, which means that we've been living with mouse crap under our feet and above our heads for four years. Ewww! I shudder just thinking about it.

To distract you from that lovely image, I present you with a few photos from my recent trip to visit my family. Life doesn't get any better than being four and two and having an uncle who is a fireman. Enjoy.

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Caitlin said...

Cute pics! I hate mice. We've had problems with them in our duplex this last year. My hubby caught the old, fat stealth mouse last week (who is a genius and has shied away from traps for 6+ months). YAY! Finally mouse free!!