August 18, 2008

A one and a two

Windows on Pop Garden Quilt Top

Much progress has been made! I think by now you’ve figured out what my two insane, finish before Labor Day projects are.

Path to Pop Garden Quilt Top

Yep, two twin sized quilts. I’ve mentioned a time or two that each year we take a vacation to a cabin in the Berkshires. We’re having extra visitors with us this year so we needed extra blankets. And why buy boring blankets when in the last remaining weekends before vacation you could sew like mad and create two one-of-a-kind quilts?

I’ve even named them. The first one is called Windows on Pop Garden. It is 9” squares surrounded by 3” borders of white. I almost wish I’d gone with larger squares but I love it nonetheless. The second one is called Path to Pop Garden. Here each block is 12” square with a 6” swath of pattern down the middle and 3” of white on either side. Finished they’ll measure roughly 63" x 75" and 60" x 72". Or at least I’m hoping they will.

Now it’s crunch time. I have two monsters to quilt and bind in less than twelve days. So enough typing, I’m off to make some quilt sandwiches.


make it perfect said...

they look unreal tory! love pop garden and love your quilts :) so...a quick question...what do you use for your white fabric?? good luck with quilting and binding!

Anonymous said...

So nice!! I love big bold colorful patterns with loads of white. Good luck getting them done in time!

Krista said...

I just found your blog via the Flickr Pop Garden group...these quilts are gorgeous! I'd been thinking about pairing the Pop Garden fabrics with bright white...your quilts are great inspiration!