April 25, 2011

We all scream for ice cream

When I first bought the ice cream dress pattern I was really only interested in making the blouse. (I have to admit I thought the dress with the pockets and contrasting yoke and hem band looked a little like an old lady’s housecoat.) But as I finished my first blouse I kept thinking how cute the dress, as view B, would be done in bands of solid.

As I bounced my idea off my favorite partner in sewing crime, we veered off in the direction of using what is already in the fabric stash. I already had white and pink solids. Being an excellent enabler she pointed out that all I would have to do is buy a bit of brown and I could make a Neapolitan dress. Get it? An ice cream dress done as Neapolitan! I loved it!

neapolitan dresses

So I made two. One for Little Miss Lou and one for her partner in crime, Little Miss Bee. I cannot wait to get my hands on some pictures of these girls side-by-side in their ice cream dresses. And in that picture I think they should be eating ice cream cones. Neapolitan, of course.


Liesl said...

Wonderful! And, you know, that's exactly how the pattern got its name:


Tory said...

And here we thought we were being so clever!